Thursday, November 17, 2016

My BLOG for "OH MY GHOST" Webtoon

Hello everyone I'm Ghost Maya author of Webtoon "Oh My Ghost!"
Oh my Ghost! is a comedy romance webtoon about a boy forced to live in a Haunted House because of financial problem where he meet a a girl ghost ironically afraid of scary stuffs.
At First Oh my ghost webtoon originally made to be a 4 panel manga comic strip ( 4 KOMA) as you see starting episode 1 to episode 20+ but because many viewers complain that it is very short, I made it long enough to satisfy the viewers starting at episode 30's. I have 2 battle manga but it was not successful so i shift to romance and changed my art style. Instead of manga (a black and white Japanese comic format) I shift to Webtoon style (manwha). So I force to study and experiment how to use color. as you notice at season 1 my color sucks but in season 2 I really how I really improved my art though I still doubt my webtoon compare to my previous work. Well, I'm very happy to my present work because I got a lot of fans, fanart, patrons, supporters and friends and I'm very thankful.
Please enjoy my Webtoon at (WEBTOON MOBILE SITE) for PC CHECK MY COMIC at and ALSO FOLLOW ME at INSTAGRAM at  If you love my work, and have the financial means, consider supporting me on Patreon! As you may know, college is expensive, so any support will be greatly appreciated! SEE YOU THERE AND THANK YOU!!!!  Feel free to comment me to all of this sites ....

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