Saturday, November 19, 2016

I'm "Ghostmaya"!
I'm the the author and artist of the comic "Oh My Ghost" which you can find at
WEBTOON My Ghost is a comedy romance comic series where a boy was forced to live in a cheap haunted apartment because he is on tight budget where he will meet the ghost girl.

Oh My Ghost is always free to read for anyone and everyone, but the funds I get from Patreon would be to support me to get new materials or supply for my comic and allowance for my Daily Expenses.

If you love my work, and have the financial means, consider supporting me on Patreon! As you may know, college is expensive, so any support will be greatly appreciated!

If you love my work, but don't have the financial means, please read, subscribe, rate, like, comment and share my stuff. It helps a lot. THANK YOU SO MUCH! ENJOY READING ^_^

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