Wednesday, December 14, 2016


POP COMICS is the Brainchild of TOKYOPOP founder Stu Levy and produced with a team of talented developers and designers. a mobile-first manga and comics platform, you can upload, share, read, and comment on comics, all from you phone or tablet.
POP operates on a FREEMIUM, ad-supported model. As your fan base grows, your monetiziation will increase.

You create it. You own it. you control it. No fine print. No carve-outs. No execptions.

You can customize your POP presence. Add thumbnails and cover art to show off your style. Encourage Binge-reading by posting an entire series all at once or Build your audience by releasing individual chapters one at a time. Schedule posts in advance to release new content whenever you want. Comment and interact with fans. Share your work easily amongst a wide range of social platforms. You can Track your Views, Comments, and fans.

*Monthly CONTEST.
*FRONT PAGE PROMOTION (pop comics main page will feature new work from founding creators daily)
*AD SHARE ADVANTAGE(Founding creators receive 5% more revenue! i.e 75% instead of 70%

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